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... For Introvert Coaches, Trainers, Consultants, Therapists, Speakers, Experts, & Service-Providers
Who Want To Generate Leads & Sales From Facebook Marketing - WITHOUT Paid Advertising!
What Others Say About Veronica ...
"200%+ Return on my Investment 
in Mastermind within 2 Months!"
"I sold 17 places in a new £99 online program, AND created and sold places in a BRAND NEW higher ticket program -  making back 2x more than my investment in 2 months!"
Emma Kirkham - Social Selling for Product Makers
10 DAYS after recording this video, Emma had made additional sales 
of her high-ticket program and increased her return on investment to 200%!
"Sold 18 Places in my New 
Online Program Within 7 Weeks!"
"I'm absolutely delighted, but completely astonished really, that I could have achieved so much in so little time! I'm delighted that I've already returned 50% of my investment."
Nicola Macdonald- Attractive Marketing
"Doubled Our Monthly Income!"
Jane Duncan Rogers- Before I Go Solutions
"8 Sales of a New 
Chair Yoga Program"
“I didn’t think I could take what I do online, 
but did it & was amazed to make 8 sales of my program.  
You are never too old to do this!"
Ann Pyne - Chair Yoga Practitioner
"Sold 34 Online Programs 
Within 4 Months!"
"I thought I'd never be able to sell online programs. Something that I've wanted to do and not believed in for so long, I now believe I can do because I already am!"  
Jo Dyer - Really Useful Gardens
"Veronica Speaks to Jo Dyer and Jo Rees 
About Their First 3 and 6 Months Inside Mastermind"
"I'm Making Sales Through Facebook  Ease-ily"
"I've enrolled 10 people in my group offer so far, and made more money in four days than I have made in an entire month before!"
Althea Finch - Pain Freedom Coach
"Created and Sold my New Program Within 3 Weeks!"
"Created, launched and sold my new online program, with money in the bank, within three weeks of working with Veronica!"
Jo Rees - Another Way Around
"A New Way of Marketing Through Facebook"
"I can't believe how ease-ily I filled my program from Facebook. Sales just flowed! I could never have achieved this without Veronica's help"

Dawn Fry - New Dawn
"Transformed my Business 
in 90 Days"
"Within 90 days of working with Veronica, I had launched my new online program, made 16 sales, and enhanced my 1:1 package with sales flowing from Facebook!"

Vanessa o'Brien - Vee Vital
"Generated £40,000 in 45 Days by Applying Veronica's Strategy"
"... so I hired her again to run it a second time! 
6 months' later, the number has increased to £109k!"

NickJames - Expert Empires
"Worked with Spike Smith 
(ex Morrissey Drummer)"
"Within 90 days of working with Veronica, I had launched my new online program, made 16 sales, and enhanced my 1:1 package with sales flowing from Facebook!"

"Made a $2,000 Sale Through 
Facebook Messenger"
"I followed Veronica's warm outreach strategy and generated a $2,000 sale from one message!"

Yvonne Halling - B&B Coach
"Quadrupled my Investment 
in 120 Days"
"Within 120 days, I had quadrupled my investment mrom applying Veronica's Facebook marketing strategies!"

Tiffany Crosara - Transformational Truth of Tarot
"Sold my Highest-Priced 1:1 Offer and Filled my Program"
"I launched the online course I'd wanted to create for several years, and made £1700 in a few days, with no Facebook ads"

Claire Butler- The Style Expert 
"143 New Email Subscribers from One Facebook Comment"
"Also generated 18 sales of our online program 
from hosting a free challenge on Facebook"

Elaine Halligan & Melissa Hood - The Parent Practice
"Quadrupled My Sales from Facebook in 90 Days"
"Quadrupled sales of my coaching program, plus, I made 20 sales from hosting a free challenge. 2x previous results!" 

Jane Duncan Rogers - Before I Go Solutions
"Within a Week, I Had My Best Business Month for 4 Years!"
"Within five days, from two Facebook posts, I sold out my online programme to 10 people. And it was so easy." 
Anneliese McKay - True Voice Content
Nicola MacDonald Comment
Laura Lucas Comment
"Started Getting Results Almost Immediately"
"Mile-Deep Marketing started getting results almost instantly. I didn't expect results to come so soon."

Anne Gould - Visual Content Mentor
"13 Sales of My Brand-New Online Course"
"I sold 5 places straight off the bat, then I ran a free challenge on Facebook, and made another 7 sales!"

Aileen Lane - Lane Image Consulting
"Paying Clients Now Coming to Me 
from Facebook"
"Through working with Veronica, I've gained more confidence, more visibility, and more clients from Facebook."

Jo Dyer - The Garden Whisperer
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