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Generate Consistent & Reliable Leads from Facebook ...

... WITHOUT Having to Pay for Ads!
Join The Introvert Online: Marketing Academy
When You Join The Introvert Online 
Marketing Academy, You'll Receive ...
IMPACT: Attract Ideal Clients from Facebook, Without You Having to Shout.
The SIMPLE but VITAL tweaks you MUST make in Facebook right now, to generate leads and sales, even when you aren't online 

- including me pulling apart and rewriting your 101 character intro so it brings your ideal clients flocking to your inbox, and doesn't send them running for the hills!
An incredibly powerful marketing tool inside Facebook is the 101-character intro that sits at the top of your profile.

Done well, your intro becomes your "Niche Nectar" that will bring you a flow of ideal clients and generate enquiries - even when you haven't posted for several days.

Done poorly, it will send the message that you are "CLOSED for business" and repel your dream clients on first sight. 

I will PERSONALLY work with you to re-write your intro into your Niche Nectar statement, and then it will be anonymously peer-reviewed to ensure that your audience HEAR your message EXACTLY as you intended - banishing any potential confusion BEFORE you make it public

Offline, if the person you're speaking to doesn't quite understand what you do from your first response, they'll ask for clarification.

We don't have that luxury on Facebook.

So, before you start ramping up your presence on Facebook, we'll ensure you have the most powerful message that your IDEAL clients INSTANTLY resonate with     
INTRIGUE: Build and Nurture Connections Without Marketing.
Discover YOUR best conversations and groups to network in, and how to curate your newsfeed so you gain the maximum visibility and impact, in less time spent online.

You’ll be enjoying the fruits of active group participation, and effectively navigating comment conversations to create and deepen relationships with your network.
INFLUENCE: Gain Respect, Trust, and Authority, Without Having to Post Every Day.
Receive my 5-step framework for writing Facebook posts that fuel enquiries without you having to sell, and where to find the inspiration for your posts so you never run out of ideas for what to say.
INQUIRIES: Consistently and Reliably Receive Enquiries, Opportunities, and Sales, Without Paid Advertising!
The 'heart-centred sales conversation flow' so you can elegantly lead your prospective clients through a sales conversation in Messenger, without feeling pushy. 
ALL ACADEMY CLASSES DELIVERED IN MULTIPLE FORMATS to suit your preferred learning style:
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Stephanie Harrison Testimonial
Stephanie Harrison Testimonial
 Monthly "Introvert Business Growth" 
Mini-Masterclasses, Challenges, and Expert Sessions
When you have completed the Academy Masterclasses, you will have applied the proven strategy for reliably generating leads from Facebook. 
Then, each month, building on these foundations, you'll have access to additional mini-masterclasses, training, or group challenges so you'll generate more and more leads online as an introvert.
Topics will include:
-Creating content to build authority and trust with EVERY prospective client in your audience, so they move closer in their journey towards buying from you.

-Finding ad pitching for press coverage and features so you can achieve media exposure using your introvert traits.

-Defining your "Core Marketing Message" that underpins every piece of marketing, so your audience get the "lightbulb moment" that you are the person they need in their life and become your loyal, raving fans.

And much, much more...
 Fortnightly "Friday 4Cast" Q&A Livestreams With Me
EVERY OTHER FRIDAY @ 4pm UK TIME (replay available immediately afterwards)
As you start becoming more visible on Facebook and generating leads and paying clients, you'll have new questions, challenges, and ideas. I want to make sure you have continued support with those.
So, alongside your access to me in our private Facebook group, every second Friday at 4pm UK I'll host a "wind down your week + Q&A hangout" in the group so I can answer your questions, and we can get to know each other.
 Fortnightly Member Spotlight Livestreams
EVERY OTHER FRIDAY @ 4pm UK TIME (replay available immediately afterwards)
Each fortnight, on the Friday when I'm not hosting a livestream, one member will have the opportunity to introduce themselves and their expertise to the group in their exclusive promo livestream.
We first trialled this in my Mastermind, and the results have been so positive, we are rolling it out into the Academy.
Your spotlight will be a fantastic opportunity to promote your business to the other members, and could lead to new clients, referrals, and all kinds of other exciting stuff.
You'll be able to re-use the recording to share with your own audience too!
And don't worry if this will be your first experience of livestreaming.
Our group is a super-safe space, and I've got you covered with a detailed step-by-step guide - including a secret strategy for how you can practice without anyone seeing you

... screenshot from a previous Get it Done session

The marketing concepts you'll learn inside the Academy are instinctive to me, but for you, applying what you've learned will likely be the first time you've approached Facebook marketing in this way.
That's why I have asked Anne Gould to host monthly implementation sessions for you.
Anne is one of my Mastermind clients and a superstar at generating enquiries and paying clients from her own Facebook marketing.
These sessions are extremely popular, with members welcoming the opportunity to sit down with Anne and receive her personal help to fully integrate this new powerful way of working into how you use Facebook.
Anne is also a whizz at taking great photos, shooting great videos, and using Instagram for marketing too.
I am sure she'll be revealing a few tasty tidbits from her vault of knowledge on these topics during your sessions too.
 Quarterly Mastermind Calls with Live Hotseats 
A firm favourite with members, these quarterly 10-minute hot seats with me are super-powerful for motivation and inspiration, getting you unstuck, and brainstorming ideas. 

- whether you choose to opt for a hotseat yourself, or from listening to my responses to the questions others are asking.
 Additional Bonus: Unearth Your Hidden Expertise You Will Sell ONLINE With Ease! 
Feeling called to change direction in your business but not sure which way to go?

Been in business for a few years and nothing is really working, and you don't know why?

Hearing people talking of being 'aligned' with what they sell, and feeling 'in flow' so they make money with ease, but you aren't enjoying your work and generating consistent sales feels like pushing treacle up a hill?

... then this bonus module is for you!
 will intuitively connect with your responses to the questions in this module, and unearth your hidden 'money making' gifts that your dream clients will be eager to invest in.
Until now, only my Mastermind clients have benefitted from this work, and my unearthing their aligned offerings is why Masterminders achieve such great results when they launch.
But now, for the first time, I am making the opportunity available to you inside the Academy.
Jo Rees Comment
Janine Lowe Comment

ANNE PYNE - Gained Confidence to Promote My Business and Have Grown My Audience

SHELLY THOMPSON - Veronica Helped me Pivot my Offer and I've Made Sales!

Shelly Thompson

EMMA KIRKHAM - Veronica Helped Me Create a Perfect Offer and Within a Week I Had Made Back my Investment!

Emma Kirkham
"When I shared my Refined Niche-Nectar Statement in a Group, People Immediately Started Asking How They Could Work With Me!"
Vanessa o'Brien | Vee Vital
Result from posting Niche Nectar in a post comment
Result from posting Niche Nectar in a post comment
REACHING MORE IDEAL CLIENTS & Building an Engaged Audience
Increase Your Facebook Visibility ‘Mile-Deep’. 
Tapping into your instinctive introvert (responder) strengths to increase your visibility, create connections, and build a highly-engaged Facebook audience.

Putting the foundations in place to transform your results from Mile-Deep Facebook Marketing, and the HUGE advantage of being introvert online.
Drastically reduce the time you ‘need’ to spend on Facebook while significantly increasing your visibility, becoming the number one choice for your ideal clients, who will stop scrolling when they see you.

Networking in your newsfeed and in Facebook groups to build expert authority and create Mile-Deep connection to generate valuable conversations and a regular flow of enquiries - without having to post in other people’s groups.

LAURA LUCAS - Broken Through What Has Stopped Me Fully Showing Up on Facebook!

Laura Lucas

SUSAN COWE MILLER - From Applying the Methods, I Was Invited to Speak to New Audiences Twice!

Laura Lucas
NURTURING Connections & INCREASING Conversions
Generate Authority, Trust, and a Regular Flow of Enquiries 
How to promote (initiate) on Facebook to build expert authority, and develop the respect and trust that brings your ideal clients into your inbox, without having to force yourself to act like an extrovert.

Crafting posts that deliver the full spectrum of what your audience needs to see from you, before they will feel they know, like, and trust you enough to buy from you.

The unlikely inspiration for posts that blow the socks off your audience - so your ideal clients stop scrolling when they see your posts!

Generating a consistent flow of enquiries in Messenger, and converting more prospect conversations into paying clients.


You're already using Facebook - the platform with the most users, the BIGGEST networking event you could ever attend!

You want new leads and paying clients, but you usually meet people offline and those events aren't happening for the forseeable.

There is NO need to start from scratch with a new platform.

There is NO need to pay for ads yet!

NOW is the BEST TIME to start using Facebook STRATEGICALLY, EFFECTIVELY, and PROFITABLY, without having to act like an extrovert or pay for ads 

- turning your newsfeed into your highest-performing ideal client attraction machine!

Join The Introvert Online: Marketing Academy

£35 / MONTH 


Or, £350 / YEAR 

Or ...

$45 / MONTH 


Or, $450 / YEAR 

"Made a $2,000 Sale 
from Messenger!"
Yvonne Halling
Jane Duncan Rogers

"8 Sales from a Mindset Shift!"

Celebrating. I have just put an offer to my list. It was something I was working on before I started working with Veronica, but the important thing I did different this time was to follow her recommendation of getting into the right energetic vibration to sell.

Then, when I checked, I'd made three sales! Delighted!

A few days later I sent a second email. That brought another five sales!

Big thanks to you Veronica for highlighting the importance of being connected, and in the right mindset to sell, before you press the button!


"Step by Step in Such a Great Way!" 

“Veronica, it's not just the quality of what you offer, it's the way you know what to do, and most importantly how to do it properly - really drilling down into the detail and what that should look like.
I can't see anything to come anywhere close to what you offer.

What you offer to your clients is what so many people need - there is so much of 'do this’ out there, but then not showing you how, or leaving you to find your own way around stuff, whereas you take people through step by step in such a great way.”

Dawn Fry

"£40,000 in 45 Days!" 

“In 45 days, we made £40,000 from implementing Veronica's strategy into our business”.

6 months later, that number has increased to £109k... and it is still bringing new sales!

Nick James with Grant Cardone
"I Started Getting Leads 
Almost Immediately!"
Anne Gould | Smartphone Visual Marketing
Linda Hamilton-Rosee Recommendation
Bob Burg Testimonial
Dee Blick Testimonial
"13 Sales of my Brand-New Online Program 
on Facebook"
"New Paying Customers Are Now Coming to me from Facebook"
"Immediately Received enquiries When I shared my Clearer Message"
"QUADRUPLED sales of existing program PLUS 20 online program sales,  without ads!"
Jane Duncan Rogers
Caroline Ferguson Feedback Comment
Gaynor Ramsden Feedback Comment

Instant Access to the Academy Masterclasses
(VALUE £499)


Active Support from Veronica, Her Team, and Your Peers Inside the Private Facebook Group


Attend Fortnightly Q&A Livestreams with Veronica


Attend Fortnightly Member Spotlight Sessions, Including Opportunity to Promote Your Business to the Group 


Attend Monthly "Get it Done Sessions" with Anne Gould


Access to Monthly Expert & Bonus Challenges & Training


Quarterly Hotseat Calls with Veronica (VALUE £PRICELESS)

Join The Introvert Online: Marketing Academy

£35 / MONTH 


Or, £350 / YEAR 

$45 / MONTH 


Or, $450 / YEAR 

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