Coaches, Trainers, Consultants, Therapists, Service-Providers, and Experts...
How You Can Attract a Consistent Flow of Paying Clients Into Your Online and Offline Coaching Programmes from Facebook ...

... With No Need to Pay for a Membership Site or Facebook Ads - (Unless You Choose to!)
How you can make more (or all) of your income from selling your programs, sessions, and done for you services to your dream PAYING clients through Facebook... 

- so you can serve from your heart AND be well rewarded financially, while spending your time on and with the people you choose!
Attract an endless stream of inquiries, warm leads and paying clients from the time you spend on Facebook - so your dream clients already know they want to work with you before you're even aware of their existence – WITHOUT having to post 100x a day?!
Get absolute clarity on WHO you TRULY want to work with and HOW you want to help them, so you can get paid well to ‘work’ in the way YOU most enjoy?
Create, promote, get paid for and deliver your deeply transformational, free and paid online programs and packages of services – without having to build complicated membership sites, or master complex technology?
Facebook offers the biggest opportunity for us as coaches, trainers, service-providers, and experts to reach the people who need and want our help to overcome their pain or problem.
Trouble is, as a free platform, the barrier to entry is low. 

There are LOT of people competing for the attention of the same audiences.

And,  due to the excessive volume of people competing for space in the newsfeed, the Facebook algorithm squeezes your post reach a tiny bit tighter every week.
"Facebook's algorithm = that elusive bit of code that has such a stranglehold over every Facebook user's posts...

... doing its best to keep you and the people who need your help separated!"

In your attempts to get Facebook working for you, you look at what the ‘Influencers’ in your space are doing. You figure that if you do what they do, you’ll get clients too.
A quick skim of their page shows you that they publish a new post every couple of hours.
Aha’, you think, ‘that’s it.’

You set aside a day to write brilliant posts and find the best, ‘scroll-stopping’ images to accompany the words. 

24 hours later... 

"You have 0 likes."

Still, nothing!

And creating all those posts was EXHAUSTING too!

It would be impossible for you to keep that level of output up every day!

You ask your friends what they’re doing to get more clients from Facebook.

You have to advertise”, they say. “It’s the only way to get your posts seen now.

So, you turn to the advertising platform, click all the buttons (so many buttons!) commit to spending a sizeable budget.

And wait....

A few people liked your post but that was it.


My Name is Veronica Pullen

I’d like to introduce you to a different way to approach Facebook that is working for me and my clients, right now.

I've called it "Mile-Deep Marketing", for reasons which are about to become apparent.

Much of what is being taught about Facebook these days is ‘EXTROVERTED’ marketing

Where the 'advice' being taught by Facebook experts boils down to...

"You need to post more often!"

"Spend more on advertising!"


If you're extroverted online, posting a lot of 'noise', hoping the occasional post here or there gets noticed is easy.
The issue is, that most of us are NOT online extroverts!

If you are not extroverted online, you will struggle to make any extrovert-based Facebook strategy work for you.

Posting lots and being ‘noisy’ every day on Facebook is not your natural flow.

When you try to operate out of flow, it either doesn't get done consistently, or it doesn’t work.

As you’ve discovered.

The other disadvantage of ‘extroverted Facebook marketing' is the Facebook algorithm has too much control over your visibility.

You see, ‘extroverted Facebook marketing' focuses attention ‘above the line’. 

Mile-Deep Marketing puts your focus ‘below the line’.

You’re probably now wondering, what is this line I’m talking about, so let me explain...

Imagine for a moment that you are stood in Wembley Stadium...
You want to share your message with the 90,000 people inside the stadium but you do NOT have a microphone.

Without amplification, how many of those people are going to see AND hear you?

Now, imagine you are with your audience in a tunnel.

You are still without a microphone, so are you most likely to be seen and heard by everybody, in the tunnel, or the stadium?

The tunnel, obviously.

You turn to the stadium event organisers. 

"Hey, they can't hear me. Can I have a microphone please?"  you ask.

And they say yes, “but you have to pay per EACH person who sees and hears you!

You’d need a big budget to be to be heard by everyone inside the stadium EVERY time you have a message to share, right?

That is the mistake most people are making on Facebook!

When you publish a new post on your Facebook page or profile, you are attempting to be loud enough to be seen and heard by those ‘90,000 people’ in the stadium - without a microphone. 
With the algorithm, you reach very few.

And this is NOT that old “you have to pay to play” chestnut either.

Running Facebook ads to your stadium audience will only marginally amplify your voice anyway.

However, in your tunnels...

You will be heard by a much higher percentage of your audience – an audience that is in the tunnel, specifically to hear from you by the way!

The algorithm becomes nothing more than an irritating fly in your tunnels, and in at least two of your tunnels, the algorithm doesn’t even exist.

Then, if and when you do invest in Facebook advertising, you’ll be able to get more conversions for less ad spend in your tunnels than you can in the stadium.

Imagine how significantly your results would improve when you…

... Knew how and where to attract your ideal clients inside the STADIUM 
inviting them into your TUNNELS with viral lead magnets that the they can't wait to get their hands on

... And, how and where to create the deep connection with your community in your TUNNELS

- so you can be seen AND heard by more peoplebecome a regular presence for them, so they are EXCITED to buy from you.

And the BIG reason why Mile-Deep Marketing will put you head and shoulders above all the noise on Facebook..?

We’re living in an Information Era.

Your audience have information coming at them from every angle.

Nowadays, more information = noise.

What is missing, is CONNECTION!

As people, we CRAVE connection.

YOUR audience is CRAVING a connection with YOU!

They want to FEEL you care… that you have HEART.

Consequently, as individuals, we are becoming increasingly DISCERNING about which experts we give our attention to – and filtering out the noise from everyone else.

So, as many marketers continue to pump out a never-ending stream of information, when you incorporate ‘Mile-Deeping’ into your Facebook marketing and advertising, YOU will be the expert satisfying your audience’s need for connection.

You’ll become the expert who CONSISTENTLY captures their audience’s attention having EARNT the right to occupy that space in their newsfeed.

Earning their attention and creating connection alone is NOT ENOUGH!

For the first two years in my business, I spent hours networking online every day.

Making a ton of friends, ensuring that loads of people knew my name and what I did, and receiving inquiries regularly - but every day, my husband would ask the same question…

“When is all this effort going to turn into cash in the bank?"

At the time, I was selling social media management. Enrolling a new client for me meant I would have to prepare a TON of content for them – scheduling posts and tweets to give them a presence online.

Scheduling posts is NOT my flow. I did not enjoy the work at all.

I had been ‘taught’ to follow the money - that 'the money in social media was in' managing clients’ accounts. 

I hadn’t yet figured out that selling what I ENJOY delivering should be my PRIORITY.

"Consequently, I was energetically REPELLING paying clients, which only caused the money arguments to increase in frequency (and volume)!" 
Once I became aware of what was happening and got myself truly aligned with what I was offering, and who I wanted to work with, then EVERYTHING changed.

If you NOT truly aligned with what you are selling – and who you sell it to – you will be subconsciously REPELLING what you are hoping to ATTRACT!

And, in August 2013, my husband Bill was able to leave the full-time job he hated to join me in the business, full-time.

A couple of months after that, we moved to the Isle of Wight, somewhere I had dreamed of living for 20+ years.

I’m not saying that living on the Isle of Wight is representative of huge material status by the way. What it does represent however, is FREEDOM and CHOICE – because our income is fully generated online and we are free to choose how and where we work!

(Shanklin Old Village - one of my island 'happy places'.)
I never imagined this life could be possible for 'someone like me'!
Born with 70% hearing loss in both ears, at the age of 12, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

At the age of 26, it was discovered that I also have Retinitis Pigmentosa, an eye condition that causes night-blindness and (fortunately in my case, minor) tunnel vision.

Receiving this diagnosis in the UK triggers an automatic driving licence revocation, so I moved my social life online – which back then, was not the done thing! ‘Mile-Deeping’ to make friends.

When in 2010, I started my business, I took the same ‘Mile-Deeping’ approach to networking.

Today, 100% of our household income is generated through Facebook. I haven’t attended a local networking event for at least five years, if not more!

In 2013, I developed my Signature Process, the "Mile-Deep Marketing Blueprint", based on the 20+ years I have spent observing behavioural patterns online. 

The Mile-Deep Marketing Blueprint identifies the 8 areas that you need to assure your audience in, BEFORE they will feel CONFIDENT enough to BUY:
You find, or are found by someone new on Facebook

.Your 'Mile-Deep' relationship begins in the comments section of yours, and other's posts.

Invite and incentivise your new connection to join your tunnel - become an email and/or Messenger subscriber.

Your connection (mile) deepens over time, through your omnipresence: emails, Messenger, and continues on an ongoing basis in Facebook post comments.

You demonstrate your expert authority through your content and personal brand positioning.

What others say (social proof) - show evidence you deliver the results you promise.

You and your prospect have a sales conversation, either via private message, on a video call, in-person, or via your sales page.

They buy and you celebrate getting to spend time with your new dream client - and getting paid well.

(Yes, when you are operating from alignment, the celebrations are in that order.)
Journeying through those 8 steps are 3 SEPARATE groups of people:

Each group needing something different FROM you to move closer to becoming a paying client! 
Dog laying in blankets curious about a noise - curious audience
Your CURIOUS audience are new to you, or new to recognising they have the pain/problem you solve.

Your CURIOUS audience are typically found at STEPS 1 and 2 of the Mile-Deep Marketing Blueprint.

This group are looking for a 'QUICK WIN'. At this stage, they will spend little time consuming your content.

Dog and cat intently listening - captivated audience
Your CAPTIVATED audience are a little further along in their journey with you. They recognise they have the pain/problem you solve, but are not yet convinced they want to fix it.

Your CAPTIVATED audience are typically found at STEPS 4 and 5 of the Mile-Deep Marketing Blueprint.

This group are looking for MORE INFORMATION and are prepared to invest more time consuming your content.

Britsh Shorthair cat wanting a belly rub - committed audience
Your COMMITTED audience now know and like you. They are ready to solve their pain/problem, but not yet convinced YOU or YOUR OFFER are the right person/solution for them. 

Your COMMITTED audience are typically found at STEPS 5, 6, and 7 of the Mile-Deep Marketing Blueprint.

This group are looking for MORE EVIDENCE and are prepared to invest a more significant amounts of time consuming your content.

(... and when you offer each of the 3 audience groups the lead magnet they are EAGER to access, you'll have 3 separate opportunities to create a Mile-Deep connection based on where they are at on their journey!)
To ensure your audience CAN see AND hear you ENOUGH at each step to feel confident enough to buy...

...  it's important that what you publish on Facebook AND the lead magnets you create serve the needs of ALL 3 GROUPS
In 2017, I went back to the drawing board, and refined the original Blueprint into a SIMPLER, "Mile-Deep Marketing Method™".

The Mile-Deep Marketing Method™ condenses the 8 steps into AN EXPERIENCE that you can deliver to ANY size of audience!

The beauty of the Mile-Deep Marketing Method™ is that it is about creating a MILE-DEEP connection with FEWER people - focusing on giving ALL 3 groups EXACTLY what they need from you.

And for the past year, I have been testing and refining the Mile-Deep Marketing Method™ behind the scenes with a handful of clients...

 ... who have generated results such as:

Jess Baker: £1,300 in Sales from a Small Audience

Jess, who made £1,300 in sales, her first online sales, from an audience of 250 people.

Yvonne Halling: 5 Applications for $5k Program

Yvonne received 5 applications for her $5000 program after 5 days!

Suzanne Dibble: 4,216 Digital Products Sold

Suzanne, who over a 90-day period sold 4,216 digital products and increased her email subscribers by 36,000.

Nick James: £30k+ Sales

Nick, who generated £30,000+ in 30 days from 600 new leads. 

Nick enjoyed the Mile-Deep Marketing Method™ so much that he is doing it all again!
  • Have a desire to help more people and earn a consistent income from transforming the life or business of your clients, and you wish you could reach more of the people who want your help?
  • Wish you could attract and enrol more (or all) of your paying clients from Facebook – without having to change your personality or follow strategies that go against your values?
  • Have ideas for online programs or want to stop charging by the hour and create premium packages of your services – the ease-y way, without any need to set up (or pay someone else to set up) a membership site or complex tech?
  • Wish you could figure how to get Facebook working for you so you received new inquiries and clients consistently…
Then, I'd like to introduce you to...
The Mile-Deep Marketing Accelerator
  • When you join the Mile-Deep Marketing Accelerator program, you'll have me by your side, guiding you, holding your hand through applying every step of my Mile-Deep Marketing Method™ into your Facebook marketing and advertising, giving you the tools and resources to create long-term sustainable online mile-deep relationships and income.
  • We'll kick off with designing your dream clients, and calling them in. You'll dive deep into who you REALLY want to work with, and how you REALLY want to work with them.  
  • Even if you think you're already clear on your ideal client avatar, be prepared for your mind to be blown when we do this practice! 
  • We'll create your OMG EXCITING online or offline program or package of services, and by the end of week 2, you'll be ready to enrol your first paying clients into your new offering! #Exciting 
  • Next, having generated your first few sales, we'll get to work on building the foundations of your LONG-TERM mile-deep online business, so you can enrol new paying clients from Facebook CONSISTENTLY! 
Mile-Deep Marketing Accelerator 
Schedule of Classes
PHASE ONE: Create Offers that SELL! 
Design (or reconnect with) and call in your DREAM clients, define how you do your best work, and create (or re-align with) your OMG EXCITING program or package of services that your dream clients are eager to buy

And then... turning it into a "HELL YES!" no-brainer for you AND your dream clients.

If you already sell a program or service to people you love working with, then don't worry. You won't have to start over. 

What you'll get from this week is a stronger connection with both your dream client and what you offer - making your marketing and selling SO MUCH more aligned and ease-ier for you!

In our second week, I'll take you through my Painless Promo Copy Method to compose your compelling sales copy to tantalise your dream clients with your new program or services, and build your online sales and payment processes...

... so you can begin attracting your initial stream of delicious enquiries and PAYING CLIENTS!

PHASE TWO: Publish a Viral Lead Magnet and Deliver an Online Challenge that CONVERTS!
Defining your customer journey, getting clarity on who is in your audience, and designing your new 'customer staircase', how you'll give each audience group what they need in order to feel confident enough to buy...

When you come to promote your online challenge and paid offers, you'll want an engaged audience, hungry to hear from you.

That's where your viral lead magnet comes in.

A lead magnet is something quick to consume, quick to implement for a rapid result, of huge value to your dream clients... that you offer free of charge, in exchange for their name and email address.

A VIRAL lead magnet is one that the MAJORITY of your audience CLAMOUR to get their hands on - and then they tell all their friends to grab it too!

I'm going to be sharing my "Viral Lead Magnet Method" with you - the process I use to create free incentives that convert like gangbusters!

And when you put this together with the first bonus, you will be filling your email list wiith dream clients, in no time at all! 

Planning, delivering, and converting your free online challenge is our focus in these two modules - how to structure your content delivery to create a WOW Mile-Deep experience that nurtures your community...

... and the high-conversion process to follow so more of your participants want to enrol into your programs and service offerings.

You'll get the step-by-step strategy to turn your challenge into an evergreen dream client attraction machine - where you do the work once and enjoy the benefits long-term.

So you'll never again have to experience that feeling of being taken advantage of when you've put a ton of energy into hosting an online challenge that received rave reviews, but it didn't bring the sales you hoped for!

What you'll discover in this phase is the perfect way to rejuvenate a Facebook group that has become a ghost town too!  

You'll also be able to apply what we'll cover in these two modules to deliver your PAID online programs to your newly enrolled paying clients - with no need for membership sites or complex tech!

PHASE THREE: Facebook Marketing and Advertising that WORKS! 
MODULES 9 & 10
This week focuses on your long-term daily marketing and sales activities to fuel your business and income.

We'll start with your organic Facebook marketing and networking processes.

Next, we'll move onto Facebook Messenger (Bot) marketing - one of ONLY two areas in Facebook where you can achieve 100% visibility. There is currently ZERO algorithm in play so you can enjoy private, mile-deep conversations with your most-engaged audience.

And, I'll be drawing back the curtains to how I 'Stealth Network' in Facebook - the practice that has resulted in me getting to work with some of the most well-known experts in the UK, and speak on their stages...

... so you can enjoy the benefit of your significantly increased Facebook visibility to become omnipresent on Facebook, getting known, liked, trusted, respected, AND PAID by your dream clients, favourite influencers, and your peers.

MODULES 11 & 12
And, in week 6, our attention turns to Facebook advertising: pixels, audiences, and conversion optimisation - basically, how you can use Facebook advertising effectively to SUPPORT your organic Mile-Deeping, when you want to extend the reach of your 'Stadium' and 'Tunnel' marketing.

I'll take you under the hood of the Facebook advertising platform so that you will grow your engaged audience, enjoy more mile-deep connections, and generate more conversions - for less 'per result' ad spend.

At the end of week 6, you won't be cast afrift either. The Facebook group will remain open for longer-term peer support and accountability.

The 3 phases are designed to give you a TANGIBLE result to celebrate at the end of each phase...
You'll leave the Mile-Deep Marketing Accelerator with everything you need to...
  •  Plan, promote, deliver, and GET PAID for your EXCITING online program and/or package of services, enrolling your DREAM clients from Facebook consistently.
  • Build and grow your Facebook group, email, and Messenger 'Tunnel' communities, with COMPELLING lead magnets on offer that each of your three audience groups are EAGER to access!
  •  Use Facebook 'Stadium' and 'Tunnel' marketing and advertising effectively and PROFITABLY to attract a highly-engaged audience, create connection with your community, and convert your Mile-Deep relationships into raving fans, inquiries, subscribers, and paying clients.

14 Inquiries in 24 Hours!

"Yay! My first ever Veronica led initiative and it's going better than I could ever have imagined!

I launched my brand-new paid workshop less than 24 hours ago and I've already had 14 enquiries from one post!"

There Are Also THREE BONUSES...
If the thought of building squeeze pages, creating opt-in forms, and connecting everything up to your CRM brings you out in a cold sweat, then I've got you covered.

When you join the Mile-Deep Marketing Accelerator, we are going to take care of it FOR YOU!
  •  We'll build your squeeze page - the page you'll send your audience to fill out your opt-in form to receive your lead magnet - using a layout that has been proven to convert at 60%+.
  •  We'll connect your squeeze page to your CRM - so once they enter their details into your form, your email service will automatically email them the PDF.
  •  We'll redirect the opt-in form to a thank you page - so once they submit the form they are automatically taken to a separate page so you can track your conversions in Facebook.
  •  We'll add your Facebook pixel code - so Facebook can 'communicate' with your squeeze page and thank you page - so you can show ads to people who visited the squeeze page or thank you page, or both!
While you create your new PDF incentive for your audience to join your email Tunnel, we'll take care of the tech set up - handing you back a fully built opt-in page and thank you page, with your Facebook pixel code pre-installed so you can track your page visitors with ease. 

I'll also record a detailed step by step video to show you how the page was built, and how to customise the page to add the copy we'll write together in class.

This bonus will make it super-easy for you to build or grow your email list, potentially saving you DAYS of stress and frustration if tech is not your genius!

(VALUE £497)
Replay of the exclusive (virtual) coaching call with Sales Coach, Matthew Kimberley, helping you convert more of your sales conversations into paying clients.

Matthew reveals a clear strategy for converting your Facebook inquiries into sales, and how YOU can elegantly lead sales conversations and 'Discovery Calls' with prospective clients, overcome objections, and close more sales - without being pushy! 

(VALUE $500 / £392)

Create each piece of valuable content or post comment once, then leverage the nuts out of it to become omnipresent online.
In the Online Omnipresence program, you’ll have my step-by-step guidance on not just the strategy of where to repurpose each piece of content… 

... But also the tech how-to so you can watch over my shoulder and follow along!

(VALUE £197)
Whether you are only a year into running your business, or already making £10k+ a month, the Mile-Deep Marketing Accelerator is your blueprint for generating a sustainable, long-term income from Facebook.

You'll enjoy a new normal, full of 'co-incidences' with success and abundance flowing with ease - achieving your best income months yet!

This is a selection of results shared by previous members, over a TWO DAY period:
So... if you would like my help to design (or reconnect with) packages of services or online/offline programs that offer HUGE value to your clients...

That you are genuinely excited to deliver and can't wait to share with the world...
Where you get paid an amount that feels great, and represents the value of the transformation your clients will achieve from working with you...

And where, even hypothetically you know deep down that what you've got to offer in your program or services package is so brilliant you'd do it for free if you had to - making it even MORE thrilling that you're getting paid VERY WELL for it!..
And where you're feeling so pumped, aligned, and in-flow about your offer that marketing and selling on Facebook isn't the chore it has been, it's as easy as chatting about something you're really excited about, to people who are magnetically flowing to you...

Then join the Mile-Deep Marketing Accelerator program now to make this happen for you.

Join the Mile-Deep 
Marketing Accelerator Now
100% Money Back Guarantee

Join the Mile-Deep Accelerator Program today, and if within 7 days, you have attended the classes and completed the assignments but feel I've not delivered on my promise to help you enrol new paying clients from Facebook, simply contact my team for a full refund. 
What Others Say...
Inside the Mile-Deep Marketing Accelerator, you'll get my help to...
Plan, promote, and get paid for a new (or existing) online program or package of services that you can start enrolling new clients into within the next few weeks...

Grow your email list by creating viral lead magnets your audiences are EAGER to access...

Attract new inquiries and subscribers daily, when you know how and where to get noticed by your prospective clients...

Host your own free online challenge that brings you an additional £1,500, £10,000 or £30,000...

Get Facebook advertising working for you when you understand how the platform works, and how to show your ads to the people most likely to say yes to you...

So that you can...
Build your business YOUR WAY!

Choose to only accept people you enjoy spending being around as clients!

Do only the ‘work’ you LOVE, yet be the most well rewarded financially for the value you deliver ever - whether that's £5k months, £10k months, or more - YOU decide!

… all while showing up as YOU on Facebook, doing what you'd probably do for fun!

Join the Mile-Deep 
Marketing Accelerator Now
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